Leveling Up: From Grasshopper to Ninja

RadGrad provides six "Levels" as a way to help you gauge your progress toward a successful degree experience. If you're motivated, you can achieve a new Level approximately once a semester, and thus get to Level 6 (the "Ninja" Level) in about six semesters.

Click on the "Levels" link in the navbar to go to a page providing information about your current Level and what you need to do to progress to the next Level. It also gives an overview of all six Levels. For example:

It can be helpful to go to the Visibility page and make your Level public. This makes your User Label a little more colorful. It also helps you find students at your same level, as well as students at higher levels who might serve as useful peer advisors as you go through the program.

Finally, each Level comes with its own IRL perk: a custom laptop sticker. Each time you achieve a new Level, you can pick up a free laptop sticker for that Level from your advisor.

Pro Tip

RadGrad generally checks and updates student Levels once a day, around midnight. If you think you've completed all of the tasks to get to a new Level, but don't want to wait until midnight to see if you've leveled up, just click the "Check Level" button on the Levels page. It will recompute your current level and level you up if you've earned it.

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