Home Page

After logging in you will be taken to your Home Page, which should look similar to this:

It's a To Do list

In RadGrad, the Advisor Home Page is a (somewhat) smart "To Do" list. Each time you visit your Home Page, RadGrad analyzes the state of the system and your profile to figure out whether there are useful activities for you to do to support your students.

The Home Page is divided into three sections:

  1. High Priority tasks that should be taken care of quickly. Some of those high priority tasks can be addressed by any Advisor, so as a new user you can ignore them for now.
  2. Medium Priority tasks are "good to do". We'll do some of those in this tutorial.
  3. Completed tasks are things that are OK for now.

In the above screen shot, there are six high priority tasks: Interests, Career Goals, Manage Verification Requests, Manage Reviews, Interests without related Courses and Opportunities, and Terms and Conditions.

Clicking on the Medium Priority tab reveals three additional tasks for this advisor:

As a new Advisor in RadGrad, the only medium priority task to address is Visibility, and we'll get to it later.


You may have a different combination of High and Medium priority tasks when you login. That's OK.

Let's take care of the Terms and Conditions next.

Goal for this tutorial page

Before moving on to the next page in this tutorial, be sure you can see your home page.

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