Fall 2021 Project Goals

Our goals for Fall 2021 are the following

1. Re-deploy RadGrad into the Department

This involves:

  • Developing an onboarding approach for ICS 111, 211, and 314 students.
  • Developing a pre-test/post-test procedure to see if RadGrad influenced student feelings about CS at all.
  • Developing the newsletter.
  • Integrating into the advising process.
  • Other departmental activities: RadGrad Street Team, Department Awards or other recognition.

2. Peer mentorship

This involves:

  • The ability for high level students to opt-in to a "mentorship" badge.
  • The badge is displayed in various places to help beginning students find more senior student for advice in specific disciplinary areas.

3. Internship integration

This involves:

  • Completion of InternAloha integration as specified here.

4. Develop RadGrad CompEng site

This involves:

  • Creation of content for the Comp Eng instance.
  • Pilot studies with Comp Eng students, faculty, and advisors to assess utility of system.
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