Accept or reject the terms and conditions

When getting started with RadGrad, you should first review and accept the Terms and Conditions, as noted in a High Priority checklist item:

Click on the link to go to the Terms and Conditions page, which will look similar to this:

To use RadGrad, you must agree to adhere to a Code of Conduct.

In addition, to use RadGrad you must also "opt in" to making your name and email address visible to everyone who has been registered to use this RadGrad instance. Allowing your name and email to be visible to others within the system is crucial to enabling RadGrad to achieve one of its fundamental goals: helping connect together students and faculty to create communities of practice.

To agree to the terms and conditions, please click the I consent to the Terms and Conditions button. That will move the checklist item to the "Completed" area of your Home Page.

If you don't agree, click the I don't consent to the Terms and Conditions button. You will be logged out and an email will be sent to the administrator to delete your information.

Periodically, a RadGrad Administrator will check to ensure that all registered users have accepted the Terms and Conditions, so please review and either accept or reject them as soon as possible.

Assuming you've agreed to the Terms and Conditions, let's now go on to another checklist item: Interests.

Goal for this tutorial page

Before going to the next page in this tutorial, please accept the terms and conditions so that this checklist item moves to the Completed section of your Home page.

If you reject the terms and conditions, you won't use RadGrad, so there's no need for you to continue with this tutorial.

If you reject the terms and conditions, but later reconsider and want to use RadGrad, contact a RadGrad administrator to get you re-registered with the system. No worries!

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