Manage your Opportunities

The last Medium Priority checklist item we will address, which may or may not appear for you, is "Manage Opportunities":

Opportunities represent extra-curricular activities that help students progress toward one or more Career Goals and/or learn more about a specific Interest. The set of Opportunities are curated by faculty members to ensure quality and relevance.

The Manage Opportunities checklist item appears if you are the "Sponsor" for any Opportunities and have not reviewed them recently. Here's what this page looks like for this faculty member:

As you can see, this advisor is designated as the sponsor for the "ACM Manoa" Opportunity and the "CCDC" Opportunity. The "Updated on" is set each time this page is visited.

This page enables you to add a new Opportunity or edit/delete an existing Opportunity.

For example, here is what the form for adding a new Opportunity looks like:

Goal for this tutorial page

Before going to the next page in this tutorial, please review any Opportunities you own.

If you want to add a new Opportunity, we suggest that you contact a RadGrad Administrator for guidance so that you can specify fields such as the number of myICE points in a manner consistent with other Opportunities.

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