How to update the data model UI

There are several steps involved in adding a new DataModel item to the admin interface. These steps can be done in any order, but you may want to slowly build up the page and test it as you are adding the new DataModel item.

  • Create a new admin DataModel route in app/imports/startup/client/router.js

    1. Export the name of your new route. For this example we are adding the UI for MentorAnswers.

      export const adminDataModelMentorAnswersPageRouteName = 'Admin_DataModel_Mentor_Answers_Page';

    2. Add the route to the FlowRouter admin route group.

      adminRoutes.route('/datamodel/mentor-answers', { name: adminDataModelMentorAnswersPageRouteName, action() { BlazeLayout.render('Admin_Layout', { main: adminDataModelMentorAnswersPageRouteName }); }, });

  • Update app/imports/ui/components/admin/admin-datamodel-menu.html to include a link to the DataModel Blaze Template page.

    <a class="{{isActiveRoute mentorAnswerRouteName}} item" href="{{pathFor mentorAnswerRouteName username=routeUserName}}">Mentor Answers</a>
  • Update app/imports/ui/components/admin/admin-datamodel-menu.js helper to include a helper for the new route.

    mentorAnswerRouteName() {
    return RouteNames.adminDataModelMentorAnswersPageRouteName;
  • Create the DataModel Blaze Template page in app/inports/ui/pages/admin. The name of the page must be the same as the exported page route name. In this example, Admin_DataModel_Mentor_Answers_Page.

    • The Admin_DataModel_Mentor_Answers_Page.html will look something like:

      <template name="Admin_DataModel_Mentor_Answers_Page">
      {{#if Template.subscriptionsReady}}
      {{#if displayUpdateWidget}}
      {{> Update_Mentor_Answer_Widget updateID=updateID}}
      {{> Add_Mentor_Answer_Widget }}
      {{> List_Mentor_Answers_Widget updateID=updateID}}
      {{> Loading message="Waiting for subscriptions."}}
    • The Admin_DataModel_Mentor_Answers_Page.js will look something like:

      import { Template } from 'meteor/templating';
      import { ReactiveVar } from 'meteor/reactive-var';
      updateID() {
      return Template.instance().updateID;
      displayUpdateWidget() {
      return Template.instance().updateID.get();
      Template.Admin_DataModel_Mentor_Answers_Page.onCreated(function adminDatamodelMentorAnswerPageOnCreated() {
      this.updateID = new ReactiveVar('');
  • Create the List_Mentor_Answer_Widget in app/imports/ui/components/admin.

  • Create the Add_Mentor_Answer_Widget in app/imports/ui/components/admin.

  • Create the Update_Mentor_Answer_Widget in app/imports/ui/components/admin.