Build and publish a new release of RadGrad

Eventually, we would like to implement continuous deployment of RadGrad. This would mean that when a developer makes a commit or merges a branch into master, the new master branch will be tested and automatically deployed to the production server.

For now, the process is manual and consists of the following steps:

Update settings.json

First, check to make sure that settings.json and mup.js have the correct values for this release.

If you are planning to load a new snapshot of the database, then you will need to first reset the production DB.

Perform quality assurance

Before making a new release, be sure to run the tests and check that they all pass.

Deploying to production

Once you have completed quality assurance and have assured yourself that the code is ready for deployment, you can deploy as follows:

cd .deploy/
mup deploy

These commands assume that you have already setup your production environment.