RadGrad Summer 2019 Research Positions

The RadGrad Project is hoping to find several undergraduate students to participate in the NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates program starting in Summer, 2019.

This program will provide you with valuable research and development experience. You will work on a new implementation of the RadGrad system using GitHub, IntelliJ IDEA, React, Semantic UI and Meteor. You will have the chance to design, implement, and beta test new features for RadGrad. If your interests lean toward data science, you can work on the development of new analytics to provide insights into the impact of RadGrad on undergraduates. We will also work on the design of experiments to be conducted during 2019-2020 to gain insight into how RadGrad might support engagement and retention of women and underrepresented groups.

This opportunity is a good one if you are interested in pursuing an honors degree, or want to elevate your research and development skills, or simply want to add a significant line item to your resume.

This is a paid summer job. You will be compensated approximately $500 per week assuming full time work.

Please contact Philip Johnson (johnson@hawaii.edu) if you want to discuss this opportunity further.